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"The staff at Foundation go above and beyond to make sure students are getting the most possible from the program. They are kind, attentive, and passionate about developing not only the martial arts but the whole person. I am very pleased with the results and dedication to the students they are demonstrating daily." Jerod H.


"My boys have such a great time attending OKM. They love the mix of instruction, exercise and some play toward the end of each class as a reward for staying focused! This is the only activity I have put them in where they genuinely look forward to going and learning. My one son, who has been diagnosed with ADHD, follows instruction and looks forward to practicing his moves on his father after class. Both boys have gained lots of confidence by participating in your program.

Everyone at OKM does such a great job and makes us feel like family. I appreciate the firmness and discipline offered by the instructors – which are some of the top reasons why I put the boys into the class. The exercise and teaching are excellent for channeling hyperactivity. We’ve connected with other members families in the program and our sons so look forward to seeing their KM friends each class! It is the highlight of their entire week.

The self-defense has come in very handy with my 7 year old who is a thin boy. I wanted to put him in a program that promoted discipline, control and a can-do attitude. Most kids in his grade are much bigger and he’s had issues with being physically bullied. After taking your course for about 4 months he witnessed an older child at school being choked by another older child. There were no teachers around and the boy’s face was turning red. My son used one KM move on the bully and he immediately dropped the child who couldn’t breathe. That bully hasn’t messed with my son or any boy since." Kim M.


"Thanks for referring us to Foundation Martial Arts (Ohio Krav Maga & Fitness). My son loved his initial class and is really eager to get back, and that is saying something for my little couch potato. He has never been interested in anything but video games! The guy that taught the class was so patient and you could tell he really loves what he does. I can already see the self-esteem and self-confidence growing in my son. Thanks Again!" Erin T.


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